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Scotland's financial and business services facts

The Broomielaw featuring the Broomielaw Tradeston Bridge in the International Financial Services District (IFSD), Glasgow

Financial and business services in Scotland

Latest stats and facts on Scotland's financial and business services industry. Published February 2020.

International reach

Scotland is internationally recognised as the most complete financial centre in the UK outside London and the South East.

2020欧洲杯线上平台It's recognised globally as an internationally competitive destination and attractive place for companies to locate and expand.

Scottish exports (international sales) of financial and business services are worth £3.4 billion2020欧洲杯线上平台, 10.3% of Scotland's total international exports (2017).

Barclays staff working in their Glasgow office.  Image shows Jordan leigh , Lauren Callachan , Chris Jamieson and Catriona Smith.

Scottish financial and business services stats

28,865 companies

16.1% of Scotland's total companies (2019)

247,000 employment

2020欧洲杯线上平台9.5% of Scotland's total employment (2018)

£15.7bn GVA

11.2% of Scotland's GVA (2017)

Barclays staff working in their Glasgow office.

Global financial hub

Many of the world’s leading financial services firms have operations in Scotland across each of the sub-sectors of the industry, including

  • Asset management and servicing - Standard Life Aberdeen, Blackrock, CitiGroup, BNP Paribas
  • Banking - Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tesco Bank, Barclays and HSBC
  • General insurance - Aviva, Direct Line, Esure
  • Life and pensions - Aegon UK, Prudential Standard Life

2020欧洲杯线上平台Scotland's strength in financial services, when considered alongside our technology capabilities, has also led to an exciting and growing opportunity in fintech (the use of technology in financial services).

Company insight

Financial and business services companies surveyed between July and December 2019
Performance last 6 months
  • 58% reported increased turnover
  • 50% reported improved profitability
Expectations next 6 months
  • 80% expect to grow exports
  • 67% expect to add staff
Adrian Newell, Vice President, at J.P. Morgan, pictured at the firm's Edinburgh Park offices.

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