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Scotland's creative industries facts

BBC Scotland headquarters at Pacific Quay, Glasgow

Creative industries in Scotland

2020欧洲杯线上平台Latest stats and facts on Scotland's creative industries sector. Published April 2019.

Industry profile

Scotland is home to world class companies in all areas of the creative industries, from

  • international leaders in games development and interactive platforms, to
  • national broadcasters and successful production companies

Scotland has global centres of research excellence that develop next generation technologies to support ongoing growth in the digital media environment. It also has well-developed infrastructure to support company growth.

Film making technology, Abertay University

Scottish creative industries stats

15,505 companies

2020欧洲杯线上平台8.8% of Scotland's total companies (2018)

77,000 employment

3% of Scotland's total employment (2017)

£4.4bn GVA

3.3% of Scotland's GVA (2016)

£1.4bn exports

4.2% of Scotland's total international exports (2017)

£205m R&D

16.4% of Scotland's BERD (2017)

The School of Simulation and Visualisation (previously the Digital Design Studio) at Glasgow School of Art

Academic partnerships

We work with a number of academic institutions, including and the at the University of Edinburgh.

2020欧洲杯线上平台Major projects include:

  • , a knowledge exchange programme that inspires and develops globally ambitious software start-ups across Scotland
  • DEEP with which provides a range of world-class training initiatives to develop digital media leaders
  • which enables industry, public sector and world-class university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities

Company insight

Creative industries companies surveyed between January and March 2019
Performance last 6 months
  • 63% reported increased turnover
  • 47% reported improved profitability
Expectations next 6 months
  • 47% expect to grow exports
  • 68% expect to add staff
School of Simulation and Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art

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